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These prices are rough estimates, prices for your request can vary

Minecraft Minigame map

PvP & Mini-Game Maps

Estimated time: 3 Days - 3 Weeks
$75 > $500+
These maps will vary based on its essential purpose. We offer a diverse range of maps; varying from KitPvP maps to The Walls maps. Each map's price will depend on its size and complexity. Each map will accommodate with the client's requested descriptions.
Minecraft Spawn Lobby

Spawns & Lobbies

Estimated Time: 1 Week - 3 Weeks
$175 > $500+
Builds designed for the purpose of a spawn will be made to accommodate essential game-play needs. Specific descriptions will be required and will be built on either the client's requested theme or the builder's choice of style. The general size of the spawn will be matched with the client's budget, the quality is equal among all sizes.
Minecraft Network Hub

Network Hubs

Estimated time : 1 Week - 4 Weeks
$220 > $1000+
This setup includes network hubs up to various sizes, containing landscapes, portals, spawn areas and other crucial parts. Anything extra will come at an additional cost towards the final price.
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