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The Everbloom Studios Minecraft build team is a team of professional, innovative and experienced minecraft architects, sculptors and landscape artists. With our expertise and wide range of skills we use Minecraft as a means to not only impress others, but also to express ourselves; various of our projects have a rich meaning behind it that may not be visible at first glance.

With our awe-inspiring creations we wish to encourage others to create, for we believe that creating something, whether it is a painting, a sculpture or a Minecraft build, is a great way of expressing yourself.

Our minecraft build team is one of the leading innovators in the building scene, we are constantly looking for new ways to impress others and make our maps more immersive, realistic or just prettier! Many of our members are iconic builders, who have innovated the ways in which minecraft can be used as a virtual design tool.


An overview of our minecraft build team's best work

Using Minecraft in innovative ways!

Playful learning

Minecraft is the latest trend in eduction; it offers an engaging and playful environment for children to learn in. As the worlds most popular video-game, we can already see lots of passion for the video-game in children, which can be used to educate as well. Our building team is best at creating an engaging enviroment, together with our map-makers and developers, we can bring children an immersive experience.

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Turning art into an engaging experience for all ages!

For years museums have been trying to make their exhibitions more engaging to younger audiences and gamify them. We strongly believe that Minecraft offers one of the best possibilities for this, and so have some museums. In recent years several extremely successful Minecraft-focused exhibitions have taken place, which have proven that Minecraft can be the perfect way to attract a younger audience to your exhibition and make it more engaging for all ages!

If you are interested in utilizing minecraft in your upcoming exhibition, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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