About a billion human years ago the first born founded a place in heaven , with its many treasures lied deep inside the forest dark intruders soon came to this place to take away from the heavenly treasure. The first born could not allow this , so they built a gate that served to defend their sacred forest and only the ones with the most truest of souls could pass. In modern days people don’t usually believe in heaven , neither did the young boy named Steve. On a very special night when the skies where filled with bright and luminous colors , the young Steve received a dream , a call from heaven. Upon arriving he was stunned by the beauty of this paradise , as the curious little man Steve was , he wanted to see what was behind this massive castle’s gate. But the first born doubted his soul for it was not truly cleansed of all darkness , they thought it was from the Nether Empire. But the curiosity of Steve didn’t stop , he dug his way into the forest to see what treasure lied in it. To him the forest didn’t look like a paradise at all , what steve saw was a mere illusion. Because of Steve’s sins he never got to wake up out of his Lunar Dream and was stuck in the forest for ever. Steve and his soul now imprisoned inside the forest are to those with a soul so pure but a mere light in the darkness of the forest.

  • Builders:


  • Cinematography
    • BiGUNMAN
  • Renders
    • Freekm