A set of maps, assets and commandblock creations we developed for YouthDigital‘s new course: Mod Design 1: Adventure maps.

Kids use a command-line interface to code their Adventure Maps, drawing on core coding concepts along the way. In order to add all the features they want, they’ll declare and manage variables, create conditional if-then & if-else statements, implement logical operators and boolean flags, and pass appropriate parameters to a variety of functions.

As kids string together Command Blocks in order to add new features, they’ll need to conquer all of the same difficulties as a professional programmer. They’ll use computational and critical thinking to achieve the correct logical flow, reference code documentation to understand required parameters, and use standard debugging techniques when their game is not working as expected.

YouthDigital is an organization that provides engaging and playful programming, design and animation courses for kids aged 8 to 14. They intend to make learning fun and empower the creator in everyone with project-based learning that sticks.